Yes! We can sell your real estate at auction!

Why Auction your Real Estate? There are advantages.

  • Definite time frame, you set the date of the sale to fit your life plans.
  • You reserve the right to accept or reject the high bid.
  • Receive your money in 30 – 45 days of the auction
  • You pay no sales commission.

Bonus! Once sold, auction properties stay sold!

  • Auctions buyers pay cash which simplifies the transaction and eliminates obstacles to closing
  • Auction property is sold “as is” with no contingencies for repairs, financing, or other
  • Auction bids are backed with a nonrefundable down payment to prevent reversal of sale

What’s your risk?

  • All you stand to lose is the advertising funds, a small risk compared to the potential rewards. And the only reason you would lose the ad funds is if you turn down the high bid.
  • If you are attempting FSBO you will already be paying the marketing expense and the question is “How much should I spend…and where?

What is more important at this time?

  • Knowing when your property will sell or not knowing  when or if it will sell.
  • Getting a premium price for your property regardless how long it takes… or
  • Getting it sold now, for a reasonable price, and moving forward.
  • Stopping expenses or continuing to pay.
  • Freeing the funds to be invested elsewhere or allowing them  erode.

A nonproductive asset is a liability! We can help you convert your nonproductive assets into cash.

Make the call now!  We want to be your Auctioneer!

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