“What am I going to do with all this stuff?”

You must ask yourself…Do I have:

- Expertise to price correctly and advertise appropriately?

- Ability to move and arrange?

- Time to tend the merchandise?

- Desire to deal with a lot of people and haggle over price?

- What will I do with the remnants?


We’ll sell it all and clear it out in one day! All of it! Completely relieving you of the burden!

-We’ll spend the time necessary prior to auction day to set the property up in an organized manner so all the items can be previewed.

- We’ll advertise using our mail lists, email, internet, and newspapers to attract a pool of buyers that are interested in purchasing your particular type of property.

- Buyers will arrive at a designated time to inspect then bid competively to buy your merchandise.

- As the auction progresses we’ll sell each item or group of items consecutively along the flow path until all the items are sold.

- Buyers will pay for then remove the items they’ve purchased

At the end of the day, your assets have been converted to cash and cleared away!

All that’s left to do is sweep up!

In a few short days you will receive

- Your money

- A list of sold items showing how much each sold for

- A settlement statement

Let’s Talk!

If you se an auction in your future, have questions or would like to discuss selling your personal property or real estate at auction,

I want to be Your Auctioneer!   Jimmy Orrell  870-723-9116